We cerebrated Monty's birthday on 24th April

Last month on 24th April, we cerebrated Monty's birthday, and here is how happy he was!

 Presents before opening

Presents after opening

and Monty's reaction

(Monty was fully dressed up for his birthday party)

Look how happy he looks !


Other Monties

While browsing the web looking for more Pixie Bob facts, we found amazing facts about them!

1. Monty has a twin in America!!

2. Then this is what Pixie Bob is capable of!

3. So Monty is now practicing to go on a lead

(He didn't like this tho)


Hungry Monty

Monty comes to the table even though there is no plate for him.

He thinks that everything on the table is "delicious" (here, we are just reading newspaper)

Then he looks at human with his prettiest face


Monty-mum was late, again

Mon-mum was late for her appointment again, this time with special reason...


Monty got new present too!

Monty mum got a big bag of present last week, but Monty got a biggest present here

Thank you everyone!


Packed & happy again

So Monty is now addicted to "packed & play" game, waiting for something in the luggage..

Happy Monty!


New play - packed

Monty mum couldn't pack her stuff...

because ...

Mon was enjoying being packed...!!
( he went there by himself, then asked to be zipped up)


xmas present from far east

Monty-mum's mum sent a special xmas present from Japan.  It's a tiger mat powdered with "Matatabi", aka Silver-vine.

Quote from Wikipedia:
"Silver Vine has long been known to elicit euphoric response in cats. It is the most popular cat treat in Asia, particularly in Japan and China. The reaction to Silver Vine is similar to the catnip response, but appears to be more intense. Typical behaviors include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. The effect usually lasts between 5 and 30 minutes and cats will usually visit Silver Vine again after about 20–30 minutes."

So how does Monty reacts to this amazing present?

very drunk but

Thank you grandma!



Monty really became.... fat - so that he can sleep on his back...


Monty last weekend

Long time no Monty!

So I thought to update everyone what Mon-mon was doing this weekend:

He was Smelling his hut,

disturbing my ironing...

relaxing in his favourite hut!


cable heaven!

Meanwhile mummy was cleaning the cable drawer...

Monty was in the cable heaven!

all these cables were donated to mummy's friends, so no more cable heaven...


the best idea

Monty is on the paperwork again.... ( by the way, cutest paws !)

and he came up with the best idea!!


Monty helping paperwork

Mon trying to help on paperwork...



Monty got a good idea

Mummy was busy with something called "paper work", so I was...


Tired Monty

It's a nice weather for human, we love sunny days!!

But for a fluffy animal ...


I'm not scared!

Mon is trying to be friendly with this thingy...